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Boyce Champions key issues on Reparations

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

BOYCE IS NOT NEW, NOR IS SHE A ROOKIE TO LEGISLATION: In 2020, Vetress was a key component in moving Reparations forward in the city of Chicago, co-hosting symposiums, educating residents and elected officials while lobbying votes amongst Alderperson, which successfully lead to passing the Reparations Resolution, 47 to 3; with the help of Alderman Sawyer, Dr. Willie Wilson, Kamm Howard and the late Dr. Conrad Worrill. Boyce’s work also led to introducing the Illinois State Reparations legislations, working closely with State Representative, Will Davis, Rita Mayfield and others. Due to the efforts and work in Chicago and Evanston, IL, Local Reparations has become a movement across cities everywhere.

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